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IFL Masks has created a successful fundraising partnership with The Chico Children's Museum and we are now offering the same service to other nonprofit organizations.

Here's how it works:

  • IFL Masks produces branded masks with your organization's logo, imagery or design.
  • Your organization's masks are offered for sale on our website: where your organization will have it's own webpage featuring your organizations logo, information, message, etc alongside your branded masks. (see The Chico Children's Museum mask page HERE)
  • Your organization advertises the branded masks to your supporters, members or donors via email list, social media, etc.
  • IFL Masks handles the production, sales, fulfillment and shipping of your organization’s masks.
  • Our charge is $14 per mask. Your organization can set pricing for your fundraiser masks at any price above that cost, and any proceeds above $14 goes to your organization. For example, if you set your masks’ price at $17 each, your organization receives $3 per mask sold ($17 - $14 = $3)



  • There is a low upfront cost to your organization ($50 setup fee to cover costs of initial mask production and photography for website product photos).
  • Fundraising opportunity with little cost or labor involved
  • Send the message to your supporters that your organization has a reopening plan and is responding to the Corona Virus appropriately.
  • Activate your supporters with a call to action
  • Supporters get to show their support by wearing your organization’s mask in public, letting others know about your organization. Masks are the new t-shirt!


About Our Masks

  • Custom Dyed Fabric:
    We dye raw fabric with photo quality graphics and colorization before the mask is sewn, allowing for complete color and graphic customization.
  • No Ear Loops:
    Our customers have spoken. Ear loops make your ears sore during long wearing times. Our masks feature 2 behind the head and neck elastics for a more comfortable wear and each elastic comes with a plastic cord stop for ultimate adjustability.
  • Made in California:
    Because we produce locally, we have quicker turnaround times than other producers.
  • Overall High Quality Product and Customer Service:
    We take pride in our masks’ high quality construction and our excellent customer service. We are always improving our product and we are available by phone 7 days a week.
  • Free Design Work:
    We will work with you to design your mask to your liking.
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