About Us

It is our belief that every single human being should wear a face mask every time they leave the house to curb the spread of the Corona Virus. We believe that face masks will be a part of American culture from this point forward in a way they never have been before. We aim to make wearing a face mask not only responsible but fashionable.

Our Story:

Idea Fab Labs started producing fabric face masks after it was requested by our local county representative, shortly after the quarantine began. An initial request for a few thousand fabric face masks quickly grew into requests for tens of thousands. From a few sewing machines to over 100 sewists, mostly sewing from their homes while self quarantining, we grew to meet the needs of our community and beyond.

At the same time, Idea Fab Labs began producing  plastic face shields at the request of Enloe Hospital Medical Center, and soon produced over 60,000 face shields for hospitals, police departments, doctors and dentist offices and other frontline and healthcare workers.

We believe that wearing a face mask makes a difference.
We believe that wearing a face mask should be fun.
We believe that face masks are fashion accessories.

For questions or comments:

Email: info@ideafablabs.com

Phone: (530) 592-0609